lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

una historia en inglés

Esta es una historia, un poco infantil por mi conocimiento a medias del inglés, que no se podría traducir al español porque perdería el doble sentido de rat race. Ruego que perdonen los fallos gramaticales, que hay muchos


Nobody knew that one of the flagstones of the kitchen was broken and that inside you could hide something you wanted nobody to find. It was in one corner and the kitchen was very large. Everyday in the middle of the night, Betty used to wake up to see if her secret was safe, sometimes she woke up in a natural way or with the clock in case the night before she haven’t done it. It was one of the Christmas days, her grandmother had come to her home to prepare the typical cakes so she was very afraid because her relatives seemed to be alert of the noises. The kitchen was always dark but there was a little light surrounding the room, she didn’t ask herself from what point could come. Placed in the middle the huge wooden table in what one day grandpa had told everybody in the family that the time of getting out of the rat race had come and she was very worried because she didn’t know his grandpa ran in a rat race. But she didn’t ask and after that day she saw like her grandfather every time grew more and more bad-tempered, so she understood that her grandfather missed very much the rat race. When the light was so decreased she could sail by the kitchen when her fingertips; the acute corner of the entrance, the cold of the sink which was bitter in the winter, the cut cupboard in what lied her favourite breakfast mug… but it was in the big wooden table in what she had smelt the cooked dishes, with its fragrances and the flavour of lemon which she liked the most or the awful flavour of the spice she never reminded the name, but it began with cor, like pop corn but without the n. The table was the real centre of the kitchen. Her mother used to buy the meals, but when her grandmother and grandfather come to Christmas she made and effort to cook as if she always used to, and Betty had to pretend because her mother would buy a big present if she did. But there is one thing she avoids when she wake up in the night, she doesn’t look through the windows because she is afraid of the grapevine in the yard, it’s very awful the shapes of the tree in the dark, someone could hide in the trunk and break into the house. Like always she opened the fridge, today is full with all the meals her grandmother has prepared, there is a big cake inside that seep through her eyes like the fresh of the fridge, with a knife cut two pieces, one of every side because she only can cut it because is already started. She eats very quick and the smell spread quickly along the kitchen, and before taking care of the other piece, she goes to the end, and she lifts the flagstone and cleans the layer down it, which is covered with sand, and removed the next layer made with cardboard to hide well, and she thinks the easy it would be that her grandfather makes a race with her friend Lilly, although it was really a mouse that her friend Leslie had given to her in the school but she didn’t show her mother and she thought in keeping by secret because she knew her mother had terror by this kind of animals, she had seen her shouting just only when a rat appeared in tv, sometimes it was funny imagine her mother walking on the kitchen flagstones without noticing there is this tiny creature playing under the soil. The little mouse began to eat the cake, with its sharp teeth. But that evening maybe she would ask her grandfather in secret, she would say “don’t you tell mum, but I have a good reason to make you happy, you can run with Lilly at night, after feeding her” although she doesn’t know which one would she support to win.

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